Undergraduate Admissions

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      In accordance with Article 34 of the Iraqi constitution, education is free at all stages for every Iraqi individual. Thus the vast majority of MTU students are assigned by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MOHESR) from the output of the country’s secondary school system. Other cases concerning non-Iraqi students are summarized in the table below:

Other Conditions:

1-Applicants should possess the Iraqi secondary “high” school certificate or equivalent. Non-Iraqi certificates should follow the equivalence procedures suggested by the Ministry of Education.


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2-Applicants must pass the medical examination.


3-Applicants should have graduated within the period of the four preceding years.


4-Full-time students are not allowed to combine a job with study.


5-In the case of a lack of fluency in the Arabic language, students should take a preparatory teaching year.


6-Admission period is from 1st of July to 15th of August every year. Registration should be completed fully by 15th of November, otherwise it will be canceled.


7-Study visa will be granted through sending notice to the Iraqi embassy upon approval of acceptance.


Documents Required: 


1-High school certificate or equivalent.


 2-Birth certificate.


 3-Passport copy. 


4-Application form.