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Sustainable Development Goals

There are 17 SDGs with varying objectives, but each recognizes that to achieve true sustainability, all interlinked objectives must be carried out. For instance, ending poverty for everyone must also mean opportunities for good health, education, job placement, social protection and more. Here are the goals broken down in more detail.

1. No Poverty

The first SDG is to end impoverishment in all forms worldwide. Millions of people live in extreme poverty and cannot fulfil basic needs, such as water access, hygiene, health and education. Additionally, even those with jobs may still not make enough money to overcome poverty.

2. Zero Hunger

This goal includes food security, ending world hunger and improved nutrition. Additionally, there is a focus on sustainable agriculture that allows people to grow their food. Expensive food prices and war impose a massive concern for rising hunger in poorer communities especially

Among the aspects of supporting students at the university are the following:
• Financial rewards for distinguished students:

Students who excel academically, those who win advanced positions in sports, artistic and literary activities, and those who contribute to community service are granted financial rewards to encourage and urge them to make more efforts, which amounted to (4,650,000) dinars during the year. 2022.

• Financial aid for needy students, people with special needs, and patients:

The university provided aid to needy students amounting to (27,450,000) and aid to sick students and people with special needs amounting to (4,550,000) dinars during the year 2022.

• Supporting students of internal departments at the university:

The presence of university formations in five governorates has added to it the responsibility of accepting students from other governorates and in various specializations therein, and the university provides them with internal departments that suit its students in terms of providing basic services, financial support, and providing means of entertainment as well as accommodation. Dining banquets, providing financial aid and in-kind gifts, and conducting field visits by the distinguished president of the university and its officials on an ongoing basis to overcome the difficulty of being away from their places of residence

3. Good Health and Well-Being

For all ages, good health and well-being are essential to living a high-quality life. During the pandemic, the world pushed this goal to the front to protect the most vulnerable individuals. Also, other major platforms of this SDG include

Universal health coverage.

Maternal and child health progress.

Mental health attention.

Reduced illness from pollution and chemicals.

Fighting communicable diseases.

The Karbala Technical Institute has developed the banks of the Euphrates River in the Hindiyah district, in addition to holding many volunteer campaigns by the institute’s departments. The Community Health Department conducted a free volunteer campaign to examine the institute’s members and students (to measure pressure, blood viscosity, kidney function, and sugar and oxygen levels). The institute cooperated with Karbala Health Department launched an awareness and guidance campaign about AIDS and how to prevent it by distributing posters about it.

As for the Kufa Technical Institute, it continues to manufacture prosthetic limbs and donates a number of them annually to people with special needs from the community, with a total of (5 contributions)

4.. Quality Education

This SDG focuses on promoting global lifelong learning opportunities. Also, it hopes to provide equitable, inclusive and high-quality education for all. This includes psychosocial support and improving schools post-pandemic

In order to develop the education process in Iraqi universities, the Ministry has begun implementing the Bologna Pathway, which is one of the modern educational systems approved in most European Union countries in technical universities within the center and in specific specializations (Department of Building and Construction Engineering at Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Northern Technical University, and the Department of Information Technology Technologies). At the Central Technical University and the Southern Technical University) starting from the current academic year 2022/2023 as a first experimental phase that can be applied on a larger scale in other specializations in technical universities as well as academic universities.

5.Gender Equality

Achieving gender equality and empowering women and girls to make choices or drive social change is another SDG. Part of this goal aims to help women take control of their lives and assert their human rights worldwide. The world is not currently meeting the targets for this goal, but progress is possible. Areas of concern include:

Legal rights to bodily autonomy.

Women’s property rights.

Violence against women.

Child marriage.

Female genital mutilation.

A windmill stands among hills and mountains.

6.. Clean Water and Sanitation

Access to clean water and sanitation services is essential to maintaining health and food supplies. Therefore, this goal hopes to guarantee clean water and practical sanitation services in all communities. Many existing systems have deteriorated to the point of contamination. Potential conflict among nations makes this a challenging goal.

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

This SDG focuses on offering to everyone energy practices that are:





Those in the least-developed parts of the world are at the highest risk of not obtaining this energy by 2030. Additionally, these countries also need access to clean cooking technologies, many of which require energy.

8.. Decent Work and Economic Growth

Communities struggle when economic growth opportunities are limited, so this SDG aims to ensure everyone has access to productive and decent work opportunities. Additionally, this goal includes inclusive and sustainable financial growth opportunities for individuals and families worldwide.

9.. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Industry and infrastructure are valuable in the modern world. Building dependable infrastructure in all communities is part of this goal alongside fostering all-encompassing, inventive industrialization techniques worldwide. This includes mobile-broadband access, which parts of the world still cannot access.

10.. Reduced Inequalities

This SDG aims to reduce unfair opportunities and inequalities in all countries. Income inequality appeared to narrow before the pandemic, but the effects of the pandemic have reversed these new positive changes. Additionally, the war in Ukraine is causing an extensive refugee crisis, while large numbers of migrants still face dangerous conditions.

11.. Sustainable Cities and Communities

Safe and resilient cities and communities help people thrive. This goal aims to create more environmental settlements for individuals and families.

12.. Responsible Consumption and Production

Consumption and production practices directly impact carbon emissions, green economy status and poverty levels. Therefore, the purpose of this goal is to limit environmental deterioration and future societal issues with a focus on:

Natural resource and fossil fuel usage.

Food waste.

Greenhouse gas emissions.

Electronic waste.

Energy practices.

13. .Climate Action

Worldwide, taking action on climate change and the impacts of our climate crisis is a necessity. Humans caused climate change, and every region worldwide is experiencing extreme weather and climates.

14.. Life Below Water

This SDG is about using marine resources for sustainable development while maintaining biodiversity conservation in seas and oceans. Factors like plastic pollution, sustainable fishing practices and acidification are all components to consider.

15.. Life on Land

Similar to the Life Below Water SDG, this goal is about the sustainable use of land ecosystems. Huge components of this goal relate to fighting issues like:


Biodiversity loss.

Land degradation.

Forest loss.

Species extinction.

16.Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

This SDG promotes peace among societies, justice for all and inclusive, accountable institutions. Issues explicitly relating to violence in communities, corruption and illegal firearms are currently the main targets of this objective.

17.. Partnerships for the Goals

Without the support of multiple partners, these goals are unlikely to reach their intended outcomes. The Global Partnership for Sustainable Development and its data are a vital part of this project and promotes collaboration amongst world leaders, so keeping the partnership strong is the purpose of this objective.