Scientific Departments

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The Department of Scientific Affairs Structure :

The Department of Scientific Affairs Structure :

1 - Section of Higher Studies:

– Issuing administrative orders of doctoral, master and  high diploma graduated students
– Follow up new openingsand the suspension of admission to postgraduate programs.

– Issuing the administrative
orders of the lettering students and the return of postgraduate students to continue their Academic.

– Performing the daily correspondencewith the Ministry, the commission, colleges and technical institutes.

– Follow-up postgraduate and undergraduate students.

2 - Section of Curriculum and Training:

– Update and develop curricula, syllabus and Academic plans for all disciplines.

– Supervising the proposed new openings of the colleges, institutes, departments and scientific branches.

– Supervising the implementation of the university calendar of colleges and technical institutes.

– Responding to the inquiries of colleges and technical institutes.

– Follow-up students summer training.

3 - Section of Authorship and Sponsorship:

– Sponsoring researches and scientific books through the Committee of consolidation of research and translation.

– Issuing administrative orders to write books and follow up all the procedures.

– Holding scientific conferences and exhibitions.

– Issuance of the folder, guidesof the scientific conferences.

4 - Section of Statistics and Informatics:

– Setting up the annual admission plan for the technical colleges and institutes.

– Preparation of the annual report of the commission.

– Preparation of university statistics for technical colleges and institutes.

– introduce the number of participated and the succeeded students.

5. Research and Development Section:

 Setting up annual plans related to scientific research by colleges and institutes and follow-up implementation.

– Follow-up chemical and toxic materials in the colleges and technical institutes