Department of Human Resources

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Administrative and Human Resources Department:

Department of Administrative Affairs

The tasks of this department is to supervise directly all the administrative work within the university facilities (appointment procedure, placement, annual bonus, promotion, change of job titles, placement of politically dismissed personnel, referral for retirement)
In addition to the field visits and inspection of all university facilities:
1. Human Resources section
2. Staff section
3. Archive section
4. Retirement section

First: Human Resources section

1 – Supervising work performance and following-up staff activities
2 – Issuing of employees’ placement orders.
3 – Issuing appreciation letters for distinguished employees after the approval of the President of the University
4 – issuing the administrative orders of leaves formarital accompaniment.
5. Distribution of tasks and responsibilities among staff
6 – issuing of administrative orders to pay the accumulated regular leave
7. Issuing of administrative orders to grant annual bonuses
8 – Issuing of administrative orders to grant pregnancy, childbirth and maternity leave to female employees and according to the laws
9 – issuing of orders to grant regular and sick leave / full pay, half pay, without pay) after obtaining the President of the University approval.

Second:Staff Section:

1 – Prepare the university staff in its facilities.
2. Placement of the transferred staff to university faculties and institutes
3 – Issuing of orders to change employees job titles (technical and administrative)
4 – issuing promotion orders according to instructions.

Third: Retirement Section

1 – Provide the National Board of Pension / State Pension Fund with the data of state employees with the monthly changes on CD sand lists.
2. Follow-up pension cuts (25%).
3 –Processing the retired employees files.

Fourth: Archives Section

Indexing and keeping all official correspondence from colleges and institutes of the university.