Department of Audit and Financial Control

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Job Description and Management of the Audit and Financial Control Department

Reduce the state of favoritism in the settlement of work and affect the staff of the University as well as their configurations to enable them to detect errors smoothly.

Checking all financial records in terms of disbursement, making adjustments and auditing the monthly financial statements for the purpose of showing the final accounts at the end of the financial year in accordance with the laws and the instructions and as it actually exists to avoid mistakes.

First: Director of Audit Department
Work nature :

i. To follow up the implementation of financial and accounting instructions, prepare audit programs, follow up their implementation, study the reports of the Financial Control Bureau, propose remedies for irregularities and deviations, assess the financial situation and monitor and supervise the auditing of restrictions, documents, lists and appropriations and their conformity with financial and accounting laws, regulations and instructions.
ii. Follow up the innovations of laws, regulations and financial and accounting instructions issued by the financial authorities in the State or the consequent financial procedures and requires a great deal of discretion and decision-making. “A greater degree of authoritative powers”
iii. Supervising the staff of the audit department and monitoring them technically and administratively.
iv. Conducting internal and external communications to ascertain the correctness of the implementation of the work and the audit programs and the attendance of the committees.


i. Participates in the development of plans, programs, accounting and financial instructions and prepares audit programs and instructions.
ii. Supervising the auditing of entries, accounting documents, lists, credits and all transactions that entail financial obligations in accordance with the laws, regulations and instructions and certifies their validity.
iii. Evaluating the financial situation by studying the balance of auditing and final accounts as well as studying the reports submitted by the college and institute auditors and presenting the remedies and alternatives to the President of the University regarding deviations, if any.
iv. Supporting the correctness of the accounting documents such as disbursement, recording, and recording of the stored input and output.
v. Supervising the implementation of the requirements of the external regulators and preparing responses to the reports of the Office of Financial Supervision on the levels of the operational budget, the Higher Education Fund, the offices of scientific and advisory services, including all the above.
vi. Editing drafts of correspondence related to the audit activity and signing the outgoing mail and within the powers conferred on him.
vii. Examination of the detection and settlement of accounts matching banks.
viii. Participating in the committees charged by the university administration and liquidating the supervising editors
ix. Any duties entrusted to him by the Rector.

Requirements and qualifications (minimum):

1) Knowledge and skills:
Extensive knowledge of financial sciences, laws, instructions, regulations and resolutions related to financial, accounting and administrative sciences, as well as scientific aspects related to theoretical and practical teaching, preliminary and higher studies, and familiarity with the directives, publications and interim decisions, and progressing proposals to the President of the University or any entrusted person.
2) Education and experience:
• Bachelor’s degree in accounting, with at least 10 years experience in the field of work.
• Master’s degree or higher diploma in accounting or financial and banking sciences or control of accounts, with experience of not less than (7) years in the field of work.
• PhD in accounting or legal accounting, with at least 3 years experience in the field of work.

Capacity and Capacities:

Flexibility in dealing with regulations and laws and has the ability to supervise, guidance, follow-up and analysis and the speed of detection of gaps, present the intuitive and observation strong, has the possibility of diagnosing deviations and try to find alternatives and develop solutions to address the problems.

Training and Development:

i. Advanced training course in the field of specialization not less than one month internal and external.
ii. A training course in the field of computer software applications
Second … Head of Internal Control Division
Work Nature :
• Contribute the financial and accounting instructions, for monitor their implementation, check the restrictions and documents, to check the restrictions, documents, lists, appropriations and transactions, to comply with the laws, regulations and instructions and study the reports submitted on the violations and errors resulting therefrom and submit the recommendations to the specialized Department and monitoring the specialized state.
• Supervising the staff of the Financial Control Division.
• It is governed by a set of laws, decisions, regulations and financial instructions, accounting and control.
• Intensifying contacts with the university’s formations to ascertain the extent of their commitment to implement the instructions entrusted to them, as well as to coordinate the work and attend the committees assigned to it.


• Follow up the implementation of financial and accounting instructions and control programs related to the conduct of economic events.
• Participate in the audit of daily restrictions and attention to the formal and objective aspects of the evidence supporting the validity of the disbursement and to verify the compatibility with the instructions governing them.
• Contribute to the study of financial and supervisory reports submitted by the formations and to express opinion in the paragraphs that raise professional doubts and suspicions of abuses and participate in the identification of treatments and review alternatives.
• Interacting and participating with the inventory committees, opening bids and bids, and clearing the deadlock of advances and trusts.
• Completion of tasks and duties assigned by the university president or department head.

Requirements and qualifications (minimum):

1) Knowledge and skills …
With a broad knowledge of the laws, regulations, financial and accounting instructions and familiarity with the directives and publications related to the course of work.
2) Education and experience
• First degree in accounting with experience of not less than (5) years in the field of work. or
• Master’s degree or higher diploma with experience of not less than (3) years in the field of work.

Capacity and Potential:

• The possibility of supervision, guidance, analysis and detection of gaps and weaknesses in the internal control system and propose alternatives and contribute to the development of treatments.
Training and qualification:
• Participate in intermediate courses in financial, accounting and auditing.
• Participate in software training courses.

Third: Head of Internal Audit Division
work nature :

This job is concerned with the financial supervision and auditing of the University’s Council, through:
i. Check and review the records, financial and accounting records and restrictions, and check and review the lists of salaries, wages, allocations and purchase orders, whether related to the credits and contracts or interim orders and verify the approvals of exchange and ensure that they are identical to the powers.
ii. Governed and governed by a set of provisions and rules and laws detailed and overall, especially those relating to the work of financial control.
iii. Supervising the working group of the Internal Audit Division.
iv. Make contact with the rest of the formation to ensure the validity of the implementation of university orders and instructions sovereign and participate in the committees assigned to it.


i. Check the documents and documents of the transactions of the divisions of the Finance Department (Budget, Higher Education Fund, etc.), and verify the priorities that promote the health of the exchange and its compatibility with the powers vested , and note the formalities and objectivity in those documents.
ii. Be sure to migrate and install restrictions in their records and review the health of the round and total.
iii. Examine and review internal and external procurement processes and ensure that due process is followed and relevant regulations and regulations apply.
iv. Examine and review the opening and closing of the credits and verify the validity of the contracts in the intention to be concluded and their conformity with accounting, financial and legal regulations.
v. Raising the memoranda regarding violations and omissions as far as the duties assigned to him are concerned, along with his observations and suggestions thereon to the Director of the Department.
vi. Participate in inventory work, reconcile inventory results and validate the accounting record of assets, particularly the consolidation record.
vii. To verify the validity of the bank’s disclosure and to ensure the integrity of the analytical statements attached thereto.
viii. Any other work assigned to him by the Director of the Department.

Requirements and qualifications (minimum):

1) Knowledge and skills ..
Medium knowledge in financial and accounting sciences and control works as dictated by legislated sources.
2) Education and experience
A primary university degree in accounting with an experience of not less than (5) years in financial, accounting and control work
Abilities and capabilities:
Ability to supervise and detect deviations, excesses and rectification of gaps.
Training and qualification:
Participate in training courses related to general specialization, studying laws and reading instructions and regulations