Department of Accommodation Affairs

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Department of Scientific Affairs

Add Your Heading Department of Accommodation Affairs of the University of Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University The Department of Accommodation Affairs is one of the most important and vital departments where it has the task of providing the necessary supplies to the benefit students from them and in order to upgrade and advance the reality of these departments and the distribution of tasks and duties to the people and related units:


The department seeks to be the Accommodation of the advanced departments and model to be followed by other universities in Iraq, providing services to the students of the provinces admitted in the preliminary and higher studies


The basic mission of this section is to provide adequate housing for the students living there, providing the necessary supplies and all the necessary services for their comfort and care for the purpose of completing their studies, and to become a distinguished cadre capable of creativity and innovation in science and knowledge to serve our new unified Iraq.


This section seeks seriously to take care of its students by providing them with the appropriate scientific and psychological atmosphere. To prepare the administrative cadres necessary for his administration. Addressing the governmental and private agencies in the Middle Euphrates Governorates and in coordination with the departments of the colleges and technical institutes of the University to support this department. The department also has relations with civil society institutions aimed at obtaining financial and moral support from these institutions to the students residing in these departments.

About the Department of Accommodation Affairs:

The Department of Accommodation Affairs was established with the establishment of the Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University as a new university after the restructuring of the Foundation of Technical Education into four technical universities (South, Central, Al-Furat Al-Awsat and North) in 2014
to facilitate the housing of students in the university colleges and institutes and expatriates from all governorates of Iraq, providing the care, safety, and appropriate atmosphere from (Heating, cooling, bathrooms, kitchens, drinking water, appliances, medical and emergency), etc.

About the Department of Accommodation Affairs:

First: Head of Department

The department is entrusted with the head of the university and the president of the university is directly supervisor or his representative as the administrative assistant to the president of the university. The department's tasks are entrusted to a director who holds a doctorate or master's degree. He should be a good, efficient and experienced person, Sufficient to manage it and its functions shall be as follows:

  1. Management of the department from the administrative and financial aspects and its representation in the meetings of the university council, conferences and seminars held by the ministry or the university.
  2. Determine the absorptive capacity of student housing annually.
  3. Providing necessary services and supplies for students.
  4. Issuing penalties, rewards and transfers according to the powers granted by law.
  5. Securing buildings to accommodate students and ensuring their maintenance and sustainability.
  6. Issuing the instructions for the completion of housing allowances paid by students in official posts and the president of the university exempting those who want to be exempted
  7. Preparing the physical and human needs required by the housing process
  8. Carrying out inspection tours of the accommodation complexes for the purpose of reviewing their situation on the ground and developing quick solutions to their problems.

The duties and duties of the people and the administrative units in the department of Accommodation at Al- Furat Al-Awsat University

Second: The tasks and duties of the Assistant Director of Accommodation Affairs Department:

  1. The Director shall assist in the administration of the departments and according to the powers granted to him and according to the duties assigned to him and follow up the implementation of administrative decisions and directives.
  2. Visit the accommodations of the students periodically to find out the services and discipline of staff and guards and follow up the management of the complexes accommodation properly.
  3. Follow-up with the division’s officials and the secretaries of the compounds in the accommodation to diagnose the problems of students and find appropriate solutions.
  4. The direct responsibility in dealing with technical matters in the student departments and guidance in follow up problems and obstacles and supervising the maintenance of facilities of the various sections.

Monitor the affairs of employees, supervisors and service workers directly and guide the formation of various audit committees