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As part of the university’s outstanding efforts in establishing rigid relationships with all sectors, including governmental and private sectors, the chancellor of Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Prof. Mudhaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairy, signed a memorandum of understanding for scientific and cultural development studies with the companies affiliated to the Holy Shrine of Emam Ali Peace upon him represented by Fayd Al-Qassim Company to benefit from the experiences and services of the university’s graduates.
Al-Zuhairy welcomed the Managing Director of Fayd Al-Qassim Companies, Mr. Falah Mohieldin, and his accompanying delegation. He stressed the need for practical cooperation between public universities and the private sector to promote and develop scientific and cultural programs.
Al-Zuhairy said that the signing of the memorandum comes in geed agreement with the ministerial policy in activating the productivity role of the university in coordination with the private sector to achieve the needs of the labor market.
The memorandum emphasized scientific cooperation by exchanging professors’ and researchers’ scientific experiences and supporting scientific projects and training programs.
The memorandum also included strengthening cooperation between the two parties in conducting research on renewable energy and publishing joint scientific research in well internationally recognized scientific journals, attending conferences, seminars, workshops, scientific and cultural competitions, and participating in celebrations and scientific events held by the two parties.

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