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With the start of the new academic year 2023-2024, the President of Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Prof. Dr. Mudhaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairy, held a symposium to follow up on the evaluation of the performance of the university’s formations and departments and to emphasize the importance of achieving excellence and developing the university in various aspects of work, in the presence of the Administrative Assistant to the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdel Mohsen Al-Majtoumi. In a distinguished meeting with the deans of colleges and institutes, their assistants, heads of scientific departments, and department directors at the university presidency.

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The meeting came in the fifth year after Al-Zuhairy assumed the position of university president in June 2019. During the meeting, the achievements achieved during the past period were reviewed and many issues and challenges facing the university were discussed.

In his speech, Al-Zuhairy indicated that the role of higher education institutions is not limited to scientific and cognitive giving, but rather deals with the educational, guidance and behavioral aspects of students. He continued that the specificity of educational institutions requires academic cadres that deal with building human beings and possess the skills, behaviors and qualities that qualify them to carry out this task, foremost of which is commitment to permanence and high discipline coupled with By providing service to students in particular and society in general, he called for concerted efforts in the construction and reconstruction process and not to waste time or be lazy in performing the tasks and duties assigned to the members and to be able to convey a bright image to the students.

Al-Zuhairy, on the other hand, directed that all educational requirements be provided to implement the Bologna educational path for engineering specializations and to benefit from the experience of the Najaf Engineering Technical College for the academic year 2022-2023 in implementing this system, which constitutes a qualitative leap in keeping pace with the prevailing educational systems in universities around the world.

He also directed attention to the university environment to be a model and attractive university environment for students and associates, and to develop the infrastructure of study halls, workshops, laboratories and other service facilities to provide the best services to students.

Al-Zuhairy directed that the university serve the community in partnership with the external window to meet the needs of the labor market and build real partnerships with various sectors through the Industrial Advisory Council and communicate with graduate students through various channels and strive to find real job opportunities for them and highlight success stories in this field to form a living model for their colleagues. Students in school.

Al-Zuhairy, in another part of his speech, pointed out the necessity of working to improve the quality of performance in order to achieve programmatic and institutional accreditation, which has become an important goal for all institutions and to develop plans according to a transparent and clearly defined work strategy.

Al-Zuhairy also pointed out the importance of scientific and technical research, which is one of the tools that address the problems of society and the various sectors of the state in the fields of industry, agriculture, trade, administration, health, energy, environment, climate, and the challenges facing society that require study and analysis, calling at the same time on professors and researchers to increase the dissemination of research in the fields. Sober, in addition to striving to participate, hold conferences, and build real partnerships with universities, whether international or local, in a way that contributes to promoting the specific activities and initiatives adopted by the university, and because of its positive repercussions on the university’s reputation locally and globally.

While he touched on the achievements achieved in all the university’s formations and the reconstruction projects under implementation, as the next few days will witness the opening of promising projects that will constitute a milestone in the university’s history.

Al-Zuhairy stressed the importance of building the capabilities of faculty members, technicians and administrators through the programs of the Center for Continuing Education.

While he pointed to the role of the Department of Media and Government Communication in highlighting important achievements and initiatives, whether for university leadership, professors, affiliates, or students, and not focusing on traditional events and activities that are at the core of the institution’s work and cannot be considered as distinguished initiatives or achievements, and adopting transparency and coordination with the media. Different ways to promote all the bright and positive images in the university institution.

He also touched on the importance of the sustainable development axis and working to achieve the seventeen goals launched by the United Nations, which included many topics in which quality education is a priority.

It should be noted that this meeting reflects the dedication and great interest of the University President to raise the level of the university and make it a distinguished institution in the field of higher education and scientific research.

In conclusion, Al-Zuhairy thanked everyone for their good efforts during the past period, wishing them, and through them to all the university’s employees and students, a new academic year full of achievements and crowned with more giving and progress.