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Petro yuan

In line with the approach of the administration of Karbala Technical Institute to improve and rehabilitate the university environment, the institute witnessed a rehabilitation campaign for the artesian wells, totaling five wells distributed within the institute’s geographical area. This campaign was carried out in collaboration with the General Authority for Groundwater in Karbala province.

During his supervision of the rehabilitation operations, Dr. Fadel Mohammed Daher, the dean of the institute, emphasized the importance of utilizing all available resources within the institute to enhance the university environment. He highlighted that the rehabilitation of these wells will meet the institute’s water resource needs, which will be utilized for irrigating agricultural areas, especially recently planted fruit tree farms, particularly in light of the current water scarcity.

He further mentioned that these projects aim to achieve the principle of sustainable environment while providing a university environment that serves the institute’s students. He expressed his gratitude to all those who contributed to the success of this project.