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As part of the university’s reconstruction and development efforts to enhance its educational and service infrastructure,
Professor, Dr. Mudhaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairy, the President of Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, inaugurated the model classrooms and laboratories building at the Technical Institute of Babylon. The ceremony was attended by the scientific and administrative assistants to the university president, as well as deans and department directors at the university, along with a gathering of staff and students at the institute.

The building includes four model classrooms, each with a seating capacity of 200 square meters on the ground floor, as well as four model laboratories on the first floor, each with a total area of 200 square meters, with a total building area of approximately 2000 square meters. In addition, the surrounding areas of the building have been equipped with a total area of 1,200 square meters.

The building is distinguished by its architectural design, which combines modernity and heritage, and the classrooms and laboratories are equipped with educational facilities, including smart screens, high-quality sound systems, and furniture. This is in line with the university’s aim to provide an attractive and model academic environment and to offer the best services to students.

In his speech, the university president highlighted the ongoing development efforts throughout the university’s various departments, which began in June 2019 and have resulted in the opening of many important projects aimed at achieving a high-quality academic environment. He also praised the efforts made to improve all aspects of performance to ensure a sustainable and comfortable learning environment for students and teachers.
Finally, he acknowledged that there are promising projects that will be launched in the university and its departments in the near future.

It is worth noting that the project was directly implemented by the Reconstruction and Projects Department at the university, along with a number of engineers and technicians at the institute, who followed high engineering specifications to ensure the quality of the execution.
At the end of the inauguration ceremony, the university president honored the committees that contributed to the implementation of these projects, wishing them success and thanking them for their efforts.