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The dean of the Karbala Technical Institute, Professor Dr. Fadel Mohammed Daher, opened the activities of the first Annual Scientific and cultural festival, which is held by the Department of community health technologies at the institute under the slogan (with science and knowledge we progress and improve), where the festival, which witnessed a wide participation, aimed to showcase what students learned from laboratory tests and analyzes in the laboratories of physiology, microbiology, nursing, chemistry, anatomy, as well as first aid .

In addition to the presentation of various student research, students ‘ products were also presented from paintings, works, means of illustration, paintings of insects and dried medicinal plants, which were carried out by students during their studies, in addition to the presentation of a device for extracting medicinal substances from plants.

The dean toured the corridors of the festival and reviewed its activities and praised the high level provided by the students in the research and practical side, pointing out that this level reflects the efforts exerted by the department to provide students with scientific skills and experiences that qualify them to enter the labor market, thanking all the endeavors that contributed to the achievement of this festiva