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Under the slogan “Technological Research as a Gateway to a Better Future,” Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University held its Fourteenth International Scientific Conference for Engineering and Pure Sciences, in its third version for Al-Samawah Technical Institute, from May 3 to 4, 2023. Representatives of the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research attended the opening ceremony, including the Head of Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University, Dr. Mudhaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairy, the Head of the University of Al-Muthanna, a number of government officials in the governorate, and representatives of presidents of governmental and private universities. Assistants to the University Head, Deans, Department Directors, Professors, Researchers from Iraqi universities also attended, in addition to electronic attendance through live broadcast of researchers from outside Iraq.

In his opening speech, Dr. Al-Zuhairy emphasized the importance of scientific research, especially in developing the engineering and technological sector and finding solutions to many of the problems suffered by community sectors, in harmony with global and local trends to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, especially the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The conference themes included important topics that form an essential pillar in achieving these goals, most notably renewable and alternative energies, advanced materials, sustainable construction, smart cities, environmental challenges, water, and other related topics.

Al-Zuhairy added that the conference provides an excellent opportunity for professors and researchers from inside and outside Iraq to exchange views, ideas and experiences that will undoubtedly positively reflect on the level of performance in all work areas. Al-Zuhairy also emphasized that the university has achieved a qualitative leap in various areas of performance, foremost of which is the progress of scientific research, where the number of research papers published in Scopus exceeded 2,000, according to the latest statistics. In addition, the university focused on reorganizing the educational process, introducing high-quality programs that meet market needs, and providing an ideal university environment through the reconstruction campaign witnessed by the university in recent years.

In conclusion, the Head of the University extended thanks and appreciation to all preparatory, scientific, media and support committees, researchers and keynote speakers for their efforts in ensuring the success of this great scientific event. The Head of the Preparatory Committee for the conference and Dean of Al-Samawah Technical Institute, Dr. Sabah Malkat Al-Mutawiky, clarified that the conference witnessed the participation of 28 Iraqi universities and more than 16 researchers from outside Iraq representing 12 countries: Australia, Britain, America, Ukraine, India, Turkey, Russia, Morocco, Vietnam, Jordan, UAE, and Lebanon. A total of 100 scientific research papers were accepted, while 42 were rejected. They included 37 papers in civil, architectural, mechanical and electrical engineering as well as advanced materials. Fifty-three papers were presented in mathematics, life sciences, physics, computers, artificial intelligence, networking, and information security. In addition, 10 papers on renewable and alternative energy such as solar, wind and alternative hydrogen fuel were presented. More than 10 posters proposing solutions to community problems aimed at preserving the environment and showcasing some modern technologies were also presented.

The opening session also included two keynote papers presented by speakers from inside and outside Iraq, one on energy between challenges and solutions, and the second on medical sciences.

The proceedings of the opening session culminated in honoring the guests with a conference shield, followed by a tour to view some of the research papers submitted in the form of posters.