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In the context of Al-Furat Al-Awsat Technical University’s endeavor to achieve the goals of sustainable development … and the renaissance of construction and reconstruction taking place in the university and its endeavor to improve the educational and service infrastructure, the President of the University, Professor Dr. Mudhaffar sadiq Al-Zuhairy Departments in the presidency of the university and a collection of associates and students at the institute.
It should be noted that the projects included a student club building with an area of ​​more than (800) eight hundred square meters, accommodating four hundred (400) male and female students, with an architectural design that simulates modernity and is equipped with high-quality furniture that provides services to the institute’s members, students and guests.
Al-Zuhairy also opened a new gate for students and affiliates to enter, as well as rehabilitating the corridors and their approaches, green spaces with an area of ​​​​(1,600) thousand six hundred square meters, and gardens equipped with restrooms for students according to high-quality specifications, in addition to the opening of an integrated service complex for male and female students, in which rationalization of electrical energy consumption was taken into account in terms of Smart lighting and rationalization of water use… This comes within the university’s direction to achieve an attractive and exemplary university environment and to provide the best services to students.
On a related level, Al-Zuhairy gave a speech in which he praised the efforts made by the Deanship of the Institute and the supportive circles to improve all aspects of performance to achieve a sustainable and comfortable university environment for students and professors, indicating that what has been achieved during the last three years at various levels comes with the concerted efforts of all scientific, administrative and supportive circles And it is certain that there are other promising projects that will see the light in the presidency of the university and all its formations.
It is noteworthy that the projects were implemented directly by the Department of Construction and Projects at the Presidency of the University and the engineering and technical staff at the Institute, as high specifications were adopted in preparing projects to achieve high-quality education.
Mr. Dean of the Diwaniyah Technical Institute, Assistant Professor Dr. Zaid Maan Al-Dulaimy, in his speech, expressed his thanks and high appreciation to the university presidency for the support he gave to all formations, praising all the efforts that resulted in achieving these achievements, stressing that the institute is continuing to implement many construction and construction projects to provide the best services to students and associates .
At the end of the ceremony, the President of the University honored the committees that contributed to the implementation of these projects, wishing them success and blessing them for their efforts.