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رمز "تم التحقق منها بواسطة المنتدى"

In an implementation of the directives of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to achieve the goals of sustainable development and under the direct guidance of the President of ALFurat ALAwsat Technical University, Prof. Dr. Mudhaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairy,          

                     the Sustainable Development Unit at the Presidency of the University organized a workshop for the members of the Sustainable Development Unit .n its institutions .The President of the University during the opening pointed out the size of the responsibility entrusted to the university’s scientific and administrative leaders, affiliates and students in achieving the goals of sustainable development with its three axes (environmental – economic – social) In a way that reflects its scientific role and service to the community in the sites of its various institutions including the adoption of alternative energy and rationalization of water and electrical energy consumption and the adoption of smart technologies in water and electrical installations, waste recycling, increasing green spaces, and adopting modern study systems such as the Bologna process as a new  education which enhances the role of partners from various sectors in the preparation and evaluation of curricula to meet the requirements of the labor market and keep pace with the education systems in international universities.

On the other hand,  Sustainability unit director  Dr. Sokna  Al-Sultani gave a brief presentation for the first sustainability report of the university for the year 2021, which is the first report at the level of local universities according to the mentioned sustainability axes, as well as submitting an action plan to prepare a report for the year 2022.