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Under the patronage of the President of ALFurat ALAwsat  Technical University, Prof. Dr. Mudhaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairy, the Department of Scientific Affairs at the Presidency of the University organized within its program to develop the capabilities of researchers and graduate students A training course entitled (Communicating with researchers in universities around the world through the Researchgate website)

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The course was opened by the vice President for Scientific Affairs, Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ghanem , welcomed the participants from institutions  and referred to the role of staffs in  the movement of scientific research at the university and the research they have accomplished, it has been published in sober international containers. Stressing the university’s continued financial and moral support for researchers .

Also  pointed to the importance of scientific research and its role in solving the problems faced by various sectors of work in Iraq, in addition to the contribution of scientific research in raising the status of the university in international rankings. The course included lectures on ways to communicate with researchers in universities around the world in order to cooperate in the completion of joint research and its dissemination globally , the course also included practical applications on how to register in the free Researchgate portal and how to benefit from the services it provides to researchers around the world.