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Al-Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies of the National Security Advisor in the Prime Ministry organized a workshop on technical education in Iraq where many experts and stakeholders were hosted in this regard. The President of Al-Furat  ALAwsat Technical  University Prof. Dr. Mudhaffar Sadiq Al-Zuhairy, presented Working Paper on Technical Education in Iraq.

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Between the challenges and solutions, he pointed to the importance of this sector in advancing the economy in the country, especially with regard to providing skilled staff the paper has been enhanced with data and statistics that indicate the outputs of technical education institutions with regard to outputs and the movement of scientific research.

Al-Zuhairy in part of his speech called for Providing support to the technical education sector to meet the requirements of modernizing workshops and laboratories in line with what exists in the industrial sector  especially since the practical and applied aspect constitutes about sixty percent of the academic vocabulary, as well as capacity building for teaching and technical staff and updating curricula also pointed to the need to activate and support the private sector as it is the main partner for technical and vocational education capable of providing real job opportunities for graduates.

Al-Zuhairy concluded the working paper by presenting a number of initiatives and success stories achieved in technical universities, and it is noteworthy that the workshop, which was attended by the President of the Technical Education Authority  Prof. Dr. Abdulmohsen Naji Al-Muhaisen and a number of professors witnessed Many discussions and proposals have been crystallized in several recommendations that will promote the technical education sector in Iraq.